Here’s a cover image

Hello world!

Testing, testing. Welcome to WordPress. This is WP on JANEL.

Here’s an image from WP’s cool new free images thingie “Openverse”, complete with an attribution which makes it look like I can be bothered.

Flowers Field” by Jon Phillips/ CC0 1.0

Yep, that’s me kinda, hehe

Kind reproducing after kind, is that even allowed these days?

It’s a lovely, wholesome concept from a game!

Just like me and my sweetie 🙂

That’s us! That’s exactly what it feels like!

I haven’t gotten over being grateful that I get to experience a lovely relationship with a sweet, understanding man of my own free choice. I married him because I wanted to and because I thought it was a good idea. Everybody should do that at least once in life!






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