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Isn’t It Beautiful

I’m moving all the posts from my old website to this one. These were mostly miscellanea I uploaded for testing.

Isn’t this the perfect pinecone? Freshly fallen, nicely rounded, light color brown.

I love pine trees. It’s been so long since I was among them! Just those stupid boring Douglas firs on the other side.

Only after posting the picture I notice you can see the patch on my skirt. “Sign of authenticity.”

This is my faithful sweet puppy, Peanut. I bring him with me everywhere because he’s shaped like the perfect neck pillow  🙂

I was keeping an eye open for a larger ash pan, and here’s this huge thing at Costco. So beautiful with a refreshing winter scene with nothing about Christmas. Nowadays metal ash pans come with bonus cookies inside them.

Here’s the cool pink wedge I bought!

I bought my darling a new felling wedge and then immediately ruined it myself by using it for splitting because there weren’t any steel ones around.  I was “only going to use it to push the two pieces apart” and then used it for several and then got mad at a certain round that didn’t want to be splat (proper English past tense of split) and cracked the thin edge. So I was on the lookout for a new one, and this was half the price of most of them and PINK.

Later learned you can actually grind down and sharpen the edges of those things just as if they were steel instead of plastic, so the other one isn’t a total loss and this just adds to his collection!






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